"Sabbath-keeping" Christian

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Because I grew up in and was a minister in a "Sunday-keeping" Christian church for 18 years, many have asked since I became a "Sabbath-keeping" Christian, "Why do you now go to church on Saturday? What caused you to make the change?" This book is a result of my answering that question: "Why?"

Volumes – some immense in size and scope – have been written on this subject. I have been impressed to keep it, as we say in the South, short and sweet.

Debates – some heavy and heated – have been waged on this subject. I have been impressed to refrain from such a spirit and rather just share Why I Am A "Sabbath-keeping" Christian.



$1.95 [ PLUS S & H ]

A Few Ways This Book Can Be Used:

* Assist new Sabbath-keepers to explain "why" to family and friends

* Church foyer material for visitors

* Evangelism Crusade handout

* Inquirer Class or Prayer Meeting Study Guide

* Community / area literature distribution

* FREE book offer on church website